The NBA: It’s PR-Tastic!

5 03 2009

you’ve got to love the NBA. With each new season, David Stern seems to out-do himself in reaching out to the broadening and emerging publics that support (or could support) the NBA.  In a stunning new move, the NBA introduced Noche Latina or an appreciation night for all things Latino.

In response, several teams donned jerseys in Spanish…well almost (including my Lakers):ept_sports_nba_experts-256693482-1236181230Nice move by an organization that recognizes its rapidly expanding public-base. But, I would have liked to see them take it a step further. Adding a “los” to the team name doesn’t exactly equate spanish translation. I say: don’t hold back NBA, let’s translate the names completely:

Los del Lago (the Lakers)

Los Sol (the Suns)

Los Caliente (the Heat)

Los Cohetes (the Rockets): which is an interesting case in and of itself, as the Rockets added a Chinese flair to their jersey and logo as soon as they drafted Yao Ming several years ago…so, I guess you could call them the first Chinese-Hispanic fusion team!