A Modest (Book) Proposal

3 04 2008


So, my wife Staci is really into reading. She loves sitting down with a good book. Jane Austen is usually the preference, or anything similar (she’s really into Stephenie Myer’s Twilight Books), though she’s been branching out lately. And we’ve come across an interesting situation. Being conservative and religious, we’re finding reading isn’t as “safe” as it used to be. In particular, she’s finding some of the books that are highly recommended, have sexually explicit material.  It’s hard to pick out a book and get a sense for the kind of content you’re going to come up with. Even in Harry Potter books, you would come across some explicit language.

So, my wife came up with this idea: Books should have a rating system. Movies have it. TV has it now. Even video games have it. Music at least warns you of explicit material. Why not books? They’re considered entertainment media, right?

So why is this on this blog? Well, it’s always my endeavor to define PR, and I think this is PR. The first book publisher to offer a rating system, is the first book publisher to show that it really does value its readers. Public relations is about creating a relationship with publics who are affected by or who affect organizational decisions. And readers are probably the most important public a publisher can focus on.

This is going beyond getting book reviews at the NY Times and sending out press releases about a new book release, this is creating a relationship of trust with your readers that says, I know your interests go deeper than reading a story. You have values, morals, and interests that we value. The first book publisher to do this will be the first book publisher to branch out from PR as promotion to PR as strategic relationship management…and…

The first book publisher to do this should be the first book publisher to thank my wife in the acknowledgments section of the book. 


Calling all Bloggers

2 04 2008

So, the fun of being in Academia is my life is defined by the research I do. Currently, I’m doing a rather large study on blogger opinions of PR people, and the idea of companies approaching bloggers for publicity on their blogs. I’m looking for any range of blogger who has experience with or opinions on (mostly experience with) public relations people regarding their blogs.

If you have time for a quick interview, either comment to this post with your email, or drop me an email at squirrelzipper at yahoo dot com.