Power to the Classroom?

27 09 2009

So, President Obama thinks kids need even MORE time in the classroom? Typical.

I think we’re all missing the point. Kids need more time with parents who are willing to teach their kids. If Obama wants to fix America’s problems, he’ll write legislation that requires parents to show their kids an iota of attention, and build a society centered on the family.

A wise man once said: No success outside the home can compensate for failure inside the home.


Know your Target Audience OR In which the President Didn’t know His

9 09 2009

My kids asked me if they could listen to Obama’s speech about education. I had nothing wrong with it, remembering the classic speech from Ronald Reagan to the nation’s children after the Challenger blew up.

After the fact, though, it turns out that this was nothing like “The Great Communicator’s” speech, as complaints labeling it “propaganda” and “brainwashing” seem to be the common reaction.

My complaints don’t necessarily fall on political lines, however. No. My biggest problem with Obama’s speech is that he missed his target:

He gave a “don’t quit school” speech to kids who aren’t old enough to realize that quitting is an option.

I’m not worried about my kids, they’ve got two teachers as parents…but we should probably be worried how horribly off the mark Obama was in this regard.

From a communication perspective, it shows that 1) to make a great speech, you have to know your audience and 2) Even the president can get so wrapped up in good intentions, that he can fail rule number 1 in public speaking.

Compare Obama’s speech to Reagans, and I think the picture becomes clearer: