Instant Academic

31 05 2008

You may or may not know, but I’m launching into my Summer of Horror…in September, I’ll be taking my comprehensive exams for my Ph.D. program in Communication/PR. So, that means I’ll be reading like a mad man all Summer long, taking notes, burying myself in my office, growing a beard…ok, maybe not that last one.

In commemoration of this “joyous” time, I’ll be posting regularly…Yeah I know, shocking. But hear me out…

I’ll making regular weekly posts on the subjects that I’m studying, particularly: Public Relations, Marketing, Branding, Qualitative Research, Global Public Relations, and New Media. In the Academic world, we live and die by endless “literature reviews” that comprise far too many pages, and are usually quite boring to read…I’ll be posting these mini-lit reviews on this blog…

Rest assured, they’ll be “Cliff’s Notes” of my Ph.D. program…read it, enjoy it, and have fun studying for my comps with me!


A little self-promotion isn’t a bad thing, right?

30 05 2008

I recently presented a paper on Public Relations, Branding, and Marketing at the International Communication Association in Montreal. The paper won the prestigious Plank Top Student Award.

I’m pretty excited about the award for more than just getting the extra money…It reaffirms that my area of concentration in my research is a valuable area. Public Relations and Marketing are increasingly intertwined professionally, presenting several challenges for both the academic side of the industry, as well as the professional.