Surprise, Surprise

30 01 2009

AP NEWS ALERT: Exxon Mobil shatters US record for annual profit

The economy is down to a 25-year low. Layoffs are at an all time high. And somehow, Exxon Mobil is turning a profit…and not just a good profit, but its breaking ITS OWN RECORD for a US Company.

Somehow, I don’t think many of us are surprised. In fact, I don’t think any level of public affairs can change the brewing suspicion that Exxon Mobil has been pillaging our wallets. Piracy at the gas pump.


A Sign of the Times

23 01 2009

I like to find quotes that reveal, perhaps, more than what the quoted thought he or she was communicating. Here’s one that I just couldn’t ignore, from an article in Yahoo Finance about the sagging economy, and consumers’ new aversion to spending…

“People are so scared they’re starting to save.”
-Howard Davidowitz, chairman of New York-based retail consultant and investment bank Davidowitz & Associates.

I don’t know if this is more a tongue-in-cheek comment, or indictment of the American way of life.

Branding the Presidency

9 01 2009

A book I’d like to see Obama write in 10 years: “My Trip to the White House, Or, How I Used Time-tested Branding Strategies to Win the Presidency”

–Obama, if you’re reading, I get royalties for the name, or I at least get a dedication in the acknowledgements section…just a thanks BG?–Then again, maybe I’ll write the book..

From his original logo in which the O doubles for a sunrise (or is it a sunset?) to just about everything else in his campaign, Obama branded himself into popularity. I don’t think we’ve had a president with such pop-celebrity in at least a generation. And yet, he came out of virtually nowhere to take the entire media world by storm.  And…it’s all thanks to branding. Either that or his charismatic personality and emotional leader persona…

Now, as even after he’s won, he’s still going.  Only this time, he’s going Comic-Con…

Obama Spider-ManYep, Obama’s now infiltrated the Geek demographic.    Not to mention, he gets a glowing recommendation from Marvel Editor-in-Chief: “It was really, really cool to see that we had a geek in the White House. We’re all thrilled with that.”

It doesn’t matter which way you lean on the President-elect, you’ve got to recognize his unique branding approach to winning…

Note to McCain: It might have been a closer race if you would have done more for you logo than slap your name on a blue background and underline it.  That, and maybe if you had chosen a different running mate.